Underground Kitchen DC

Underground Kitchen-2

A few weeks ago I got an email from Jennifer inviting me to a dinner with Underground Kitchen, a pop-up supper club that originated in Richmond, VA but has since expanded to DC. I excitedly accepted, having heard great things about them from the Post and my friend Marcella who attended a dinner in Richmond a few months ago. This particular supper club is very secretive; you don’t receive the details of the dinner until it’s a few days before and after you’ve purchased a ticket for a certain date and seating time (which usually sell out in minutes). An email arrived with the location and a copy of the menu. After reviewing the lengthy and detailed menu, I realized I was in for a real treat. The menu called for five courses with appetizers beforehand and a dessert afterwards. Each course was paired with wine. Besides these details, I didn’t really know what to expect.

UGK Menu DC… 

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Orange Spatchcocked Chicken-4

Orange Spatchcocked Chicken

A roasted whole chicken is the ultimate comfort food for many people. To be honest, chicken is my least favorite kind of poultry after turkey (it’s so dry!) and well seasoned and/or crispy skin makes or breaks poultry for me. This is why I usually love double-fried KFC (Korean fried chicken). It’s all about the skin. I’m ashamed… 

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Cardamom Dutch Baby-3

Cardamom Dutch Baby with Whipped Coconut Cream and Blackberries

Yesterday over a groggy brunch with some girlfriends weekend plans were shared. There was talk of getting nails done, some shopping and then I added in my plans of working on a recipe for my blog. They asked me what I would be creating this time. “I’m going to cook a Dutch baby.” Silence and… 

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Crispy Korean Tofu Bites-5

Crispy Korean Tofu Bites

A big snowstorm hit the DC area yesterday. It was a large storm that affected large parts of the country- from 100 cars being stranded on a Kentucky highway to a plane skidding off the runway at La Guardia Airport. Everything was covered in up to 8 inches of snow where I live (a lot… 

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Purple Sweet Potato Ricotta Gnocchi-8

Purple Sweet Potato Ricotta Gnocchi

One of the pleasures of dating someone who loves eating as much as you do is that there are no restrictions to what they’re willing to try. This is especially helpful when you cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting. Your partner is a willing taste tester for all your new… 

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Jamba Juice-1

Rushing Home + Jamba Juice

This post is brought to you by Jamba Juice. The content and opinions expressed below are mine. Like most people living in the metro DC area I have a daily commute that is stressful, rushed, and crowded. Every morning I commute from Virginia through DC into Maryland. In the evening I do the same trip in reverse, and… 

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Egg in a Grilled Cheese Basket-5

Egg in a Grilled Cheese Basket + Happy Friday

Today is Friday the 13th and the day before Valentine’s day. I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday but I do like a reason to do something extra special for someone I love. On the morning of the 14th I’ll be making this egg-in-a-grilled-cheese-basket for my boyfriend, with a special addition of fresh Mexican… 

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Poppy Seed Cake with Blood Orange Glaze-4

Poppy Seed Cake with Blood Orange Glaze

The other day I had a bit of a baking mishap. I had followed the instructions for an old family recipe from a photo I had taken of a quick handwritten note in the back of my mom’s planner. She’d written down that recipe into her planner years ago and every time she got a new… 

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Kimchi Fried Cauliflower Rice-3

Happy Friday: Kimchi Edition

I didn’t have a computer to use for the past week and a half because I left my laptop’s charger in New Jersey! At first I wasn’t too happy about it and I would go over to my parents’ house to charge my computer every other day. But eventually I gave in and realized it was… 

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