Fire, Flour & Fork – A Gathering For the Food Curious

Although I do not live in Richmond, VA any more I try to keep myself updated on the restaurant scene there as much as possible through the recommendations of friends, blog posts and Twitter. Through Twitter I found out about a new event to be held in Richmond during the first weekend of November called Fire, Flour & Fork. This event is held over four days and features highly curated dining and culinary events from meals prepared by celebrated chefs from the Richmond region to viewings of films, demonstrations of cooking techniques and the presentation of food products and ingredients. Its mission is not only to educate and inform attendees of all that the Richmond region has to offer in terms of food, but also to raise money for the many non-profit organizations that serve the Richmond community. Each ticketed lunch or dinner has a non-profit beneficiary so are you able to sample the cuisine of central Virginia and also help raise funds for some great causes.

I’m excited to spend this food-filled weekend in Richmond checking out some interesting events, especially on Saturday, November 1st which is slated to have the most attendees. There are four time slots and several sessions to choose from covering a wide range of topics. It took a lot of time to decide which four events I will attend and I went back and forth for a while, asking a few friends which events they’d attend. I’m confident that no matter what events you choose to attend you’ll walk away having learned a lot and with a greater appreciation for the craft of producing great food and drinks.

10:00AM – Flavor Flours


Flavor Flours is a cookbook written by Alice Medrich, a James Beard award-winning author. Alternative flours- corn, chestnut and coconut flour being just a few of them, are often touted as substitutes for wheat flour. This is a particularly popular use for these types of flours currently as gluten-free recipes have become very common and many people are now following gluten-free diets. In this session however, she will show us how to use these flours to flavor foods which is what I’m very excited to learn about. I’ve experimented with chickpea and buckwheat flour before but I haven’t used the myriad of different flours her book presents.

11:15AM – DamGoodSweets

Bayou Bakery, Arlington, VA

Photo: Scott Suchman

DamGoodSweets is presented by David Guas of Bayou Bakery in Arlington, VA. Bayou Bakery is a well known and loved eatery in Arlington, Virginia which is where I currently reside. I’ve only heard great things about this place but I have yet to visit and sample the baked goods and Creole and Cuban inspired dishes. I’ll be interested to see what he demonstrates for us and to meet my neighbor.

2:00PM – Smoked and Charred Cocktails


Photo: Aimee Mcnamee

The Roosevelt in Church Hill was named one of the best bars by Esquire magazine in America for 2014. I am not at all surprised since my experience at The Roosevelt was exceptional. I think I tried nearly half the drink menu between what I ordered and what my friend ordered. As soon as I read that a sample would be a part of this event I knew I’d have to attend. I’m also hoping the Thomas ‘T’ Leggett, head of the cocktail menu at the bar will divulge some of his secrets, especially when it comes to The Seersucker (my favorite cocktail that I tried).

3:30PM – Firewater:Bourbon


I love reading books about the history and origin of foods and spirits and as bourbon is perhaps my favorite thing to sip on I cannot wait to attend this session to learn more about my favorite libation. I’m also curious about the new distillery that has opened in Richmond, Reservoir Distillery. There will also be a book signing and a sampling of bourbon.

These four events are just a few of the many events held throughout Fire, Flour and Fork. This event will be held between October 30th-November 2nd in Richmond, VA. For more information on the event’s schedule please visit Tickets can be purchased here.

Korean Style Skirt Steak + First Blogiversary

Korean Style Skirt Steak-15

Today marks the first anniversary of the start of Ginger and Toasted Sesame. My very first post was published on August 11, 2013. It seems that this past year has flown by so quickly and it’s difficult to remember the place I was in last year. I had moved back home after living in Seoul, Korea for five years and I was dealing with reverse culture shock, a painful and prolonged break up, unemployment and a general sense of feeling utterly lost and directionless.


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Birthday | Ginger & Toasted Sesame

I turned 30 on Sunday. I got the best well wishes, cards and presents a person could ever hope for- including the new Instax camera pictured above. All the photos are from brunch with my family or my birthday celebration in DC on Saturday night. We started the night at Mandu and ended the night at Muzette for a night of Korean style karaoke. We drank sojutinis and sipped (or shot) way too much whiskey. It was so fun and everyone partook in the singing and dancing.

My heart wants to explode with all the love I have for these people! My brother flew in from Orlando and various friends took buses, trains and drove hours to come be with me to celebrate the big 3-0. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ginger Paloma

Ginger Paloma-1

My parents are in the process of trying to sell their house and as a result, they are getting rid of the things that filled that house. From the bar in the basement I happily inherited a bottle of Patron and as soon as I brought it home I thought of all the ways I like to consume tequila (taking shots is not one of them). I thought of my two favorite mixers for alcohol- grapefruit juice and club soda and I thought of the paloma cocktail. I wanted to give the cocktail a special something extra and I also realized that I do not have a single recipe on this blog that involves ginger- very strange considering it’s one of my favorite ingredients and it’s the beginning of this blog’s name!


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Food Adventure in NYC: Smorgasburg

NYC 6.15-2 NYC 6.15-1

I enjoyed this beautiful view of Manhattan from a college campus on the edge of the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey. I was on a bluff overlooking the river in a relatively empty, green park, taking in the striking skyline on such a sunny summer day. It wasn’t too hot and a nice breeze was coming off the water as we tried to take frame after frame of ourselves, testing out the remote shutter release on my camera with very little success. Selfies taken with DSLRs are not very practical, I learned. Sometimes you need to give into the practicality of the smart phone. I didn’t take very many photos last Saturday as I enjoyed watching three World Cup games (Uruguay and England both lost- terrible disappointments!) and several pints.


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Weekend Inspiration #2

Weekend Inspiration #2

My attempt at an herb garden on my balcony resulted in three withered and dead looking plants: mint, oregano and thyme. I’m not sure what I’ve done to them, but it looks like my oregano is making a comeback!