Tasty Snaps from September 2013

September is over and it definitely feels like fall has come to the mid-Atlantic region. I can already see the leaves changing color and fall produce has started popping up in grocery stores and markets. With the change in seasons comes a new direction in my life. I am focusing on myself and what I want instead of worrying so much about other people, getting settled into life at home in the US and giving life in this area a real chance. So with that being said, let me show you some of my tasty snaps from September.

1. I went to the beach for the first week of September for my friend Bettina’s bachelorette party. After a terrible experience at the local winery, we decided to wash away the memory of that horrible time by visiting the Dogfish Head Brewery. It was great fun, and although I wasn’t drinking anything but the small samples (I was the designated driver) I got to check out the food truck parked outside featuring sausages made with Dogfish Head Brew. I had a spicy espresso brat that was made with a touch of their chicory stout topped with Thai mustard.

2. I came home one day from work and found my grandmother and several Korean vegetable side dishes waiting for me. I guess she had felt super ambitious (and wanted to save any tired looking vegetables from being wasted). So I topped a bowl of rice with bean sprouts, spinach and marinated cucumbers, added a small dollop of gochujang (Korean chili paste) and a glug of toasted sesame oil (of course), mixed it all up and had a delicious dinner.

3. Okay, I don’t normally post pictures of processed food and I don’t typically drink soda, but when I went to my mom’s friend’s housewarming party in the gorgeous Northern Neck region of Virginia I had to get me some of this Northern Neck ginger ale. It had been years since I drank any and I loved every slightly spicy sip.

4. My mom’s friend Carolyn presented us with a wheel of brie topped with her homemade fig jam, which she made with figs picked from trees right in her neighborhood. It was delicious and I’m pretty sure I ate about a third of that cheese by myself.

5. I made my own kimchi for the first time on by myself with my mom nervously looking on (I have made it once before but that was in a Korean cooking class). It’s a quick pickled kimchi which takes less than 30 minutes to make!

6. And the high point of my entire month was Bettina’s wedding last Saturday. She is like a sister to me and I was so happy to be present for the ceremony; it is an event like this that reminds me of how thankful I should be that I’ve returned home. She was a gorgeous bride and I would have to say it was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding. Good food, good company and lots and lots of love, laughter and happy tears. Congrats to Bettina and Josh! <3



    • says

      It was definitely a taste of home for me. No one else at the party could understand my excitement over ginger ale, but it made me very happy :)

  1. Bettina says

    I LOVE the brie topped with fig jam!! Such a wonderful hors d’ouevres! For fall, I am craving some creamy soups, any ideas?

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